Chapter 16

 “Oh, fuck,” Lucy said as we walked down the hallway. “Shit! Frieda’s doing something really stupid! We have to go stop her!”

“Wait,” I said. “What’s happening?”

“You know hoe I’m from Hell?” Lucy said. “Well, because of that, I can tell when someone is about to open a portal there. And that’s what’s going to happen in around two minutes.”


The demon sneaked into the writer siblings’ room, and quickly killed both of them. They didn’t even notice. It took only a moment, and nobody would find out.


As Frieda was walking down the hall outside of the residences Lucy, Nataly, and Danny, she ran into Nataly.

“Hey, Frieda,” Nataly said. “What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” she replied.

Then, after she had passed, Frieda turned and grabbed Nataly, knocking her unconscious. Frieda then grabbed her and dragged her into an empty room down the hall. She set up the contraption, and began to power it on.


Lucy and I sprinted down the hallway, and when we reached the writer’s room, she threw it open.

On the floor, there were two dead bodies. The writer and his sister. Of course they were dead; it wasn’t possible for us to save even one of them.

However, this proved one thing: the possessed one was Frieda.

“It’s her,” I said. “Frieda. She’s the only one who isn’t dead yet. It has to be her.”

The two of us turned and ran out. Down the hall, we heard a scream from one of the empty rooms.


Nataly awoke from Frieda’s attack slowly, not fully comprehending where she was. However, once she was fully conscious, she instantly knew what was happening.

The only thing a giant ring of metal with those light bulb-things could be was a portal, and the only place it could go was Hell.

“You know Lucy’s going to save me, right?” Nataly said.

“She can’t,” Frieda said. “We’re in a place that she has no idea about.”

“It’s an empty hotel room,” Nataly said. “I’m pretty sure she can find it.”

“Yes, but not fast enough,” Frieda replied. “I’ve made sure of that.”

“Fine,” Nataly said.

Then, she let out a ear-piercing scream.


The two of us burst into the room, and saw that Nataly was hooked up to the machine.

“Get her disconnected, fast,” Lucy said. “If we don’t, she’ll die. I’ll take care of this demon bitch.”

I ran over, and began looking for the wires. However, there was one problem: there weren’t any. Somehow, she had managed to build the portal without connecting the power-source to the main device. It didn’t make any sense.

While I searched for the way to stop it, I overheard everything. There was a quick struggle, and then they started talking.

“Frieda, I am so sorry,” Lucy said. “I really don’t want to do this, but the only way to exorcise this demon is to kill you.”

“What the fuck are yo talking about?” Frieda asked. “I’m not fucking possessed.”

“You wouldn’t know,” Lucy said. “Your memory would have been modified. I am so sorry about this. Seriously, I really liked you. But I did tell you not to go messing around with demons.”

“Oh. My. God.” Frieda said. “You are not listening! I know for a fucking fact that I am not possessed! Listen to me! I’m not lying! Please just listen!”

“I am very sorry,” Lucy said.

There was a tearing noise, and a thump.

“Have you gotten her out yet?” Lucy said. “It’s only got around a minute left.”

“I can’t,” I said. “She’s stuck.”

“Just unplug it,” Lucy said. “I’ve seen these a million times before, it’s really not that hard.”

And when she said that, it all clicked.

Frieda had been amazing at demonology, and had come here to investigate the hotel’s supposed demon haunting.

She had sworn that she wasn’t possessed just as she was about to die, and had said she had known it for a fact.

“Lucy,” I said. “Why wouldn’t the power source be hooked up to the portal?”

Lucy looked at me, confused for a moment, until she understood.

The only person who would ever be able to build this type of portal, the only person who could possibly be this genius, would never let herself get possessed. Frieda had been trying to open the portal with the exact reason she wanted it to open in the first place.

Nataly was going to have to die.

“This timer is for the next time the demon takes over,” Lucy said. “That will automatically power the portal for a single moment, pulling the demon in as well as Nataly’s soul.”

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks. My best friend was going to die. It was huge. I couldn’t handle…

Nothing. I still felt absolutely nothing. I couldn’t fucking believe it: the one time I wanted to feel sad, angry, any unhappy emotion, I couldn’t. Seriously, what was the motherfucking point?

And then, it broke. Suddenly, all of my emotions came rushing back. The fact that Nataly was dying, all of the death that had happened around us in the past few days, everything. I fell to my knees, and began to weep.

“What are you talking about?” Nataly said, a fearful expression on her face. “What’s happening?”

“You found almost all of the bodies,” Lucy said. “And we weren’t around you when a single one of them was murdered. In exactly forty-five seconds, we will know for sure, and if it is true, you will die. I am so very sorry, Nataly. You were one of my best friends. However, I know for a fact that we will meet again. However, you cannot tell me how you died. You have to swear that to me.”

“Okay” Nataly said, tears streaking her face.

Lucy used her fingernail to write the word “IMPORTANT” on Nataly’s arm, followed by a symbol I had never seen before. Then, the timer beeped, Nataly screamed, the portal opened for a single second and then closed, and Nataly fell limp in her restraints. I fell down, cried for a long time, and then passed out.


I woke up in my bed, and walked downstairs. My parents were sitting at the table, and they immediately hugged me. After we talked, and they comforted me, I walked outside to find Lucy standing next to an ugly, bright-yellow convertible, and in front of her motorbike.

“Hey,” she said. “I thought I would stop by. I had some stuff lined up for the three of us, but I don’t think you’re okay to run away right now.”

“So, what’s the story?” I asked.

“Nataly fell down a flight of stairs,” Lucy said, “at the place you guys were supposed to be staying. I covered everything to make sure the story checks out. Everyone else: there was a fire, nobody was able to escape, and they were found several days later.”

“So, where are you going now?” I asked.

“To the next thing,” she replied. “I’ll be back eventually. And when I am, I swear I’ll stick around for a long time.”

“Goodbye, Lucy,” I said.

“Remember, if you ever need help, I’ll be here before you know it,” Lucy said. “And remember: you and Nataly are my very best friends. Goodbye, for now.”


Nataly walked through the throngs of people, all long dead. Finally, she came to the castle.

She had learned in the time since she had been here that time was distorted here, and when you died, you never knew when you would appear. Nataly had then set out to find Lucy.

She showed her arm, and the gates opened. She walked through, walked up the steps into the throne room, and stopped in front of a large chair with a red-haired girl, around Nataly’s age, seated on it. Nataly showed her arm, with the word “IMPORTANT” printed on it, along with a strange symbol.

“So, what’s this about?” Lucy said. “I didn’t summon you. Where did you meet me?”

“That’s a good story,” Nataly said. “And once I’ve told you, you have to do two things: one, don’t ask me about the ending, and two, go and find me, as well as my best friend, and follow the story exactly as it’s told. Then, simply follow what you want to do when it’s over.”

Then, Nataly began her amazing, incredible, fantastic story, and as she told it, for the first time since she had died, tears slowly crawled down her cheeks. Her story was both over and just beginning.



It has been amazing writing this story, and I am sorry that it has to end for now. I want to continue it eventually, but at the moment, that isn’t possible. I am very sorry it had to end this way, but it truly did. Until then, subscribe to the email updates, and as soon as I restart, you will know. Again, I am truly sorry. I hope you had an amazing time with Lucy, Nataly, and Danny, and I hope that you will rejoin them when they return.

Goodbye, for now.

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